[External Contest] Сhameleon Startup Manager

Hi Friends,From Today we also post external contest which is hosted by our friends websites which gave a great chance to Softwarezone users and also gave more chance to win genuine license which is better than Cracked or Trial Version.

Chameleon Startup Manager

What is Сhameleon Startup Manager?
Chameleon Startup Manager can control programs that run at Windows startup, which makes Windows start faster and operate with increased stability.
Programs can be run according to various functions including startup order change, startup delay, priority, consecutive program launch, day selection and much more.
Chameleon Startup Manager also offers program launch options with fixed or automatic delayed startup, allowing the computer to be started as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Configurations can be created and selected at Windows startup or applied 'on-the-fly'without restarting Windows.
Chameleon Startup Manager provides real-time monitoring of programs added to the startup list.

External Contest: Chameleon Startup Manager

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