[Winner Announced] 10 Genuine License of Iobit Protected Folder

In our real life there are a lot of thieves and other bad people who might steal our valuable and precious things. Similar problems unfortunately exist in the virtual world too. Hackers can easily steal our personal information and use them for their criminal deeds. So let’s see how you can protect yourself against cybercrime and prying eyes.
The well-known software developer Iobit offers a great program called Iobit Protected folder which protects your personal information, hides files and folders on your computer.
Iobit protected Folder allows you to block access to individual files or folders on your computer. The main feature of this program is that you can easily and safely protect your personal data on laptops and desktop computers which are used by more than one person.

The installation file is very small, just 3.73MB. The installation process is quick and not difficult.
After installing Iobit Protected Folder the program asks you to create a password, confirm it and create a password hint. That’s all! Now you can use this program.
Working with the program is very easy. The interface is comfortable and simple. You should simply add files and folders to the program with a special tool or use drag-and-drop technology and drag desired folder or file to the program interface.
iobit protected folder lock

Iobit Protected Folder has three protection levels:
1) HIDE ( for Explorer or other programs ) You can’t delete or modify files;
2) Deny Read Access. You can’t read or execute files;
3) Deny Write Access ( Cannot move/delete/modify ).You can’t see the file or directory.
In addition you can add files and folders which you do not want to be hidden by the special tool called “ Exclude List “. And if you made unnecessary changes to this list you can always go back to the initial state by clicking on the “ Recommended “ button.

1. Easy to use : drag and drop files into the program window and set a password. Interface is very intuitive and simple. Even a novice can understand and customize it easily.
2. Hide your folders, files, pictures and videos from others. No one can see hidden files but you.
3. You can easily block access to files and folders.
4. Protect your files from modification. No one can change the data without your consent.
5. Keep all your information in the Protected Folder. The only way to get access – enter the password.


We have 10 genuine license of Iobit Protected Folder, worth 200$ for our readers.
Complete the following steps to enter in the giveaway.
a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks to Arwen,who gave us 10 license of Iobit Protected Folder & also thanks to Sir William of Palerne making a review on this software.

Om Shanti

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