11 Genuine Licenses of Online Armor Premium [Contest]

Online Armor Premium [Contest]
Update:Winner Announced:11 Genuine Licenses of Online Armor Premium

In today age every computer must install three software to ensure complete protection.First is Antivirus, 2nd is Firewall and last but not the least Password manager.The antivirus is not sufficient for computer nowadays.So you must install good firewall to secure your computer from hackers, Stops Malicious Programs.So we have one of the best Firewall protection "Online Armor Premium" for our readers.

Online Armor have 3 version Free, Premium and ++, Last two version are similar, gave more powerful features as compared to Free version.++ version gave antimalware protection and a rootkit scanner as compared to Premium.

Installation of this program is very simple like any windows program, if you disable your Antivirus during Installation process then it work better.When you run this Online Armor Premium for first time then it shows Safety Check Wizard looks like below one.

Online Armor Premium [Contest]

It have 2 option:

Trust everything on this computer: it means you think your computer is virus free,then go for this option otherwise go for 2nd option which is step by step wizard.Which scan your computer fully and shows recommendation according to your computer status.

It have a Banking mode which enables user to Connect only to trusted and protected domains, add extra layer to your online transaction.More over you can create rule for each program and save your online Identity.It is easy to use,Light on pop-ups and does not slow down your PC.3 more faeture you found in paid version which is Hosts Checker,DNS Checker & Web Shield.

DNS checker:- This stops programs from manipulating your Windows settings to misdirect you to fake sites.
Hosts Checker:- Similar to the DNS Check, Online Armor checks your HOSTS file and alerts you if anything changes. The hosts file can also be used to make your web browser visit sites other than the one you intended.
Web Shield:- Many websites use tricks to install dangerous software on your computer. The type of software can range from the irritating display of popup advertising, through to software designed to steal information or defraud you.


We have 11 genuine license of Online Armor Premium, worth 440$ for our readers and to participate in this contest rules are very simple:

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